Waterfall EndsThe Benefits Of Waterfall Ends

Waterfall Ends are a must have for so many people renovating their kitchens in today’s market.  Most commonly used as a feature there is a practical element which a Waterfall Ends will bring to your new kitchen.

Wear and Tear

The Benefits Of Waterfall Ends are that cabinet end panels and corners are generally the 1st place where you will see the wear and tear your kitchen has had to endure, whether it be from your vacuum, shoes or the little ones on their ride on toys.  Unfortunately there aren’t many materials available in the kitchen market that will withstand this kind of punishment, but having your benchtop return down to the ground, referred to as a Waterfall End, will help protect those corner, especially in high traffic areas.  Typically you will see this done with a Mitred Edge, but this is not your only choice, it can be installed with a Butt join if that is your preference or even finished with a feature shadowline between the benchtop and vertical panel.


Waterfall EndsPutting the practical reasons aside though, Waterfall Ends are truly a beautiful feature for so many kitchen designs, especially with the vast array of colours, patterns and finishes now available in both Natural and Reconstituted stones.  Remember though, this design element is not only for solid surface benchtops.  Waterfall Ends can also be created using Laminates and Solid Timber Tops, it’s just the construction method that may need to change and the durability of that end may not be as good as a solid surface material.

Another great design element of a Waterfall End is the ability to introduce a feature panel / material to the back of an island or return benchtop.  This will frame your feature material and eliminate that point where you would need to join 2 different colours or materials.

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