Butler's Pantry Design Considerations.

Butlers Pantry

I truly believe that if we all had the space we would incorporate a Butler's Pantry into your new kitchen design.  Unfortunately that is not always the case, but for those lucky clients whom do have the space there are a few things you need to think about if this is to be your perfect Pantry Solution.

Food Preparation

Is your intention to prepare your food in this area?  If so it is a great idea to incorporate a small sink, generally a single bowl is more than enough and if possible to make room for a rubbish bin of some description.  Also think about overhead storage rather than bench mounted or tall storage to open up your preparation space along with any small appliance you may want to use in the space.


Another thing to think about, should you be doing any type of cooking in this space, is some form of ventilation. This is because Butler's Pantries are generally a central room with no natural ventilation.

Food Storage

If it's just for food storage then you would most likely have full height storage and maybe just a small area of open benchtop space to be able to put things down.  Also the use of drawers or inner drawers are extremely practical, making use and ease of access for the full depth of your cabinet.


For either use it is very important to think about your lighting in these area's as they a generally a central room to your house with no natural light.


The other great debate in Butler's Pantry design: doors or no doors.  As a typical rule we find that no doors is more practical, making ease of access to your ingredients & goods.  This also makes more sense in most spaces as they are generally a smaller area and having to negotiate around doors could be a problem.  For those luck few though (as per this image) space is not an issue and having doors will not cause any issues.  When the space permits doors will keep the space looking much cleaner, especially as most clients will leave the door to their Butler's Pantry open most of the time.

Butlers Pantry

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