The BCustom Joinery St Kilda East | Melbourne | Williams Cabinetsenefits Of Custom Made Joinery.

Whether you’re looking for something a little bit different from an off the shelf unit, or you have that awkward space to fill, sometimes Custom Made Joinery will be your best option.  The Benefits Of Custom Made Joinery is exactly that, it is custom made to suit your exact needs and space.  You can design your furniture around your personal display items, storage requirements or to suit your entertainment system just the way you want.

It’s important to keep in mind when designing your Custom Made Joinery your future requirements.  It is a little harder when designing around entertainment systems and technologies as this is an ever evolving market and your personal needs and choice may change in the future, bigger TV’s, larger speakers etc.  This is the benefit of wall mounted TV’s for example as you are not as limited should you decide to upgrade in the future, and most of your audio equipment which would normally be housed in your Custom Made Joinery are of similar sizes and can be catered for.  These area’s should also be made adjustable where possible so you do have some flexibility should you upgrade these systems too.

Other Benefits Of Custom Made Joinery is the vast choice of materials and finishes you can build with.  From pre-finished laminated products, solid timbers and veneers to polyurethane finishes in the colour of your choice.  You can really make your new furniture personal to you and what suits your space and other furnishings.  What we are finding increasingly popular at the moment is installing raw material joinery for the client to paint on site (as per the image shown here).  The advantages to this type of build is more flexibility in design without having to worry about edges and ends and should your unit be damaged or you want a change in a few years you can re-paint your new cabinet on site rather than re-building or ordering new materials.  Also when painting on site, typically the same as the surrounding walls your unit will look built in and part of the home, this can help alot in smaller rooms.

You will need to keep your budget in mind if choosing to have something Custom Made.  Your Custom Made Joinery will NOT be as cheap as a mass produced off the shelf item but the benefits are evident once completed.

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