Wardrobe Storage

Space and budget permitting, there are few rooms in your home that wouldn't benefit from a Custom Built Wardrobe solution.  There are few people that would be satisfied with their current Wardrobe Storage, generally as it has been built to a standard modular format or a standard fixed shelf , single hanging rail and if your lucky maybe a couple of additional shelves.  The reality is that every person's storage needs in a wardrobe will differ dramatically.  Whether your prefer to hang, fold or display your clothing, and in some circumstances when space is limited, rotate your clothing to suit seasons.  

Custom Built WardrobeThis is the advantage of a Custom Built Wardrobe. The options are personalised and endless. Another great benefit is building in and around your space as required. This image, another project of Jenefer Macloed of eat.bathe.live, is a great example of making the best use of space available.

If you've made the decision to invest in a Custom Built Wardrobe to better suit you and your lifestyle, there are a few key things to think about and make sure your designer is aware of.

1- Hanging Space

If you prefer to hang your clothing it is a good idea to measure your current hanging length and approximately how much more you would like if possible.  It will then be up to your designer to see if they can accommodate your hanging needs.  Also, think about your long and short hanging requirements.  A lot of our clients will generally compromise on their long hanging space to ensure more short / double hanging which is what seems to be used more frequently.

Another solution, height permitting, is to use a Pull Down Hanging Rail (as pictured).  This will put an additional hanging rail above what you can ordinarily reach which can increase your overall hanging space or give you the ability to build in some drawers or shelves below your lower rail.

Wardrobe Storage

2- Drawer Storage

Some clients will have some bedroom furniture or a bedroom setting with drawer storage, which like anywhere else you have drawers is great storage, giving you access to items stored at the back.  Equally if you have the space in your wardrobe this could give you the option to remove additional furniture from your bedroom opening up your bedroom space and giving you the space to potentially add some other decorative furniture or give you more drawer storage in total.

3- Bulky Storage

Another item we tend to find clients wanting to store in their wardrobes are suitcases or storage containers which may hold their out of season clothing or other personal items.  It is important to bring this up during your initial design meeting.

4- Shoe Storage

We all would love to see all of our shoes in a beautiful tall display case, sometimes still in their boxes, single depth and in easy reach.  In reality few clients have the space for such extravagance.  A high percentage of wardrobe fit-outs will have your shoes towards the bottom of the design, generally below some hanging space which is fine, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  

If you shoes sit on the ground at the bottom this will make cleaning / vacuuming your floors difficult without picking up all of your shoes.  Installing your wardrobes on a small kick / plinth box will not waste much storage space but will give you a clean simple line to maintain your floors.  Another great alternative would be to have shoe drawers installed, this will give you easier access to the second row of shoes if they fit.

5- Finishes

Custom Built Wardrobes are generally built out of the same joinery materials as your kitchen, which means you will be spoilt for choice.  In reality this selection will generally be decided by your budget for the renovation.  Although we'd all love to see a grand, timber or timber veneer masterpiece this will not suit everyone's budget and there are some other, more cost effective alternatives to give you the wow factor that you're looking for.