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An increasingly popular laundry option for clients are European Laundries.  In a time where homes are getting smaller or our focus for our home is entertaining the humble laundry space is been transformed from a dedicated space within the home to a Built In Laundry Space generally within the bathroom, kitchen or hallway area concealed within custom made joinery.  The term European Laundries is generally used for any type of laundry space that is not a dedicated Laundry room.  Throughout Europe you will commonly see their washing machines and dryers installed within the kitchen or bathroom and free-standing and exposed, not concealed within joinery.  In Australia we tend to find our clients not wanting these items on display and have them built in behind cabinet doors and including additional laundry items and storage.

There are a few key things to think about when designing European Laundries, especially if your coming from a traditional full sized laundry room.  Things such as linen storage, broom or vacuum storage, dirty clothes basket, laundry troughs, drying racks or even the ironing board.  These are all items that you may have had in your previous laundry, and unfortunately the likelihood of all of your items fitting into your Built In Laundry Space is unlikely and you may need to find some alternative spaces within your home for these items.Kitchen Renovation Newport | Melbourne Kitchen Renovations | Williams Cabinets

You also want to be mindful that unfortunately when using your laundry (if built in) you may need to be their for a extended period and or leave the doors open for an extended period.  This will obviously have an impact on the space the the European Laundry has been installed to and access to these area’s.

This solution may not be for everyone and we tend to find our clients with families will try to retain their separate laundry space where possible or where space is not an issue in your home.