Bin Storage Solutions

Hafele Euro Cargo BinEvery kitchen needs a bin, and with so many Kitchen Bin Systems available in today's market and everyone having different needs, there is no need to have the old flip top bin sitting on the ground exposed. It's a great idea to think about your Bin Storage Solutions early in your design process.  Integrated Kitchen Bin Systems come in so many shapes and forms, and some of these needing a specifically designed cabinets, which is why it is so important to think about your personal needs and for your designer to integrate this into your design.

An increasingly popular type of bin being used when the space allows are a range of pull out full sized pull out bins, generally around 30 - 35 litres each pail and installed into a dedicated bin cabinet.  The featured bin to the left from Hafele, the Hailo Euro-Cargo ST45, is a fantastic example having 2 x 35 litre bin pails, it's own integratedHafele One2Five metal lid and installed on full extension soft close runners.  Each pail is easily removed for taking the rubbish out to your large bin or for cleaning as necessary.  Also having the lid and generally not using the entire height of your cabinet leaves space on the metal lid for spare bin liners.

Another alternative, featured on the right, again from Hafele, is their range of One2Five Kitchen Bin Systems.  The One2Five system is frame system that is installed to your kitchen drawer runners.  This gives you more flexibility in the cabinet size being used and bin pails being used.  This can be installed in 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm & 600mm cabinets with a extensive range of pail configurations to suit your personal needs.  Like the Euro-Cargo system this also comes with it's own plastic lid that can be used for light storage.

The other advantage of the One2Five Kitchen Bin System is this can also be integrated with a motorised opening system which I know for many seems a little extreme for a kitchen bin, but with handless designs being increasingly popular rather that grabbing your door front with marinated covers hands it is as simple as giving the door front a gentle push with your knee which will open the front for you to dispose of your rubbish.  Obviously the above a great Bin Storage Solutions if you have the space, which not all kitchens do.  This leaves the below alternative, shown her with the Hafele Hailo Tandem 36 pull out twin bin as a solution.  This compact pull out bin can generally fit within your sink cabinet below your sink bowls.  Even though the bin pails are smaller, 18 litres each they will require more frequent emptying, which for alot of our clients is there preferred option anyway.  Like the above bins this also comes with it's own lid which again is a great storage space for lighter options.

Anther important thing to think about along with the bin type you wish to install is it's location.  Where possible we find the optimal place for your bin would be between your kitchen sink & cooking area, making ease of access from both of your generally dirty working stations.

Whatever your design, space or budget there will generally be a Bin Storage Solution for your new kitchen.  What we've spoken about are just a few of your options available.  To see more options please click on the Hafele link below.