Practical Task Lighting

In today’s market there’s a huge array of  Kitchen Cabinet Lighting available.  Gone are the days of large exposed lighting pelmets below you overheads hiding a Fluorescent tube or large void space in the bottom of your overheads to conceal a large halogen downlight.  With so many Kitchen Lighting Options, whether it be LED strip lighting or downlights the choice is endless and you can have your lighting personalised to suit your preference and needs without compromising on your access and storage.loox 2043

LED Strip Lighting

Although alot of the lighting today, especially LED strip lighting have become popular as a feature highlighting your feature splashback or even below your base cabinets, they are an extremely Practical Task Lighting option when designed correctly.  I’ve touched on this point briefly in a previous blog (December 18, 2015).  By bringing the LED strip light forward from the rear of your cabinet it will shine light more evenly over your workspace but there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.  Firstly would be around your rangehood area.  Your rangehood will generally have it’s own task lighting for working on your hotplate, and the LED strip lighting can stop and start either side of your rangehood but this will detract from the preferred effect of LED strip lighting which is a continuous stream of light.   Another option would then be to install the LED strip light to the front edge of your overhead cabinet running through in front of your rangehood, which is generally a very practical location as it is not too far from the centre of your benchtops.  There would be times that this solution would not work which would be if  you choose either a slide-out type hood or an deep overly rangehood as this would require your overheads to be too deep to be practical over your workspace and cooktop.loox_2020 downlights

Another Kitchen Cabinet Lighting option to think about are recessed LED cabinet downlights.  Modern LED downlights have alot of advatages over previous downlight options of the past.  They are more efficient, produce less heat, require less of a cavity within your cabinets and generally produce a much broader beam of  light.  Williams Cabinets preferred supplier of LED lighting is the Loox range by Hafele Australia.  Hafele offer a extensive range of LED lighting options with the majority of these having different colour options, diffuser covers and switch types to seamlessly intergrate your prefered lighting option into your new joinery.

To see some of the available lighting options from Hafele please click on the Hafele logo below.