LED Strip Lighting 2

Feature Lighting

LED Strip Lighting has become increasingly popular in modern kitchen design, both as Feature Lighting and a practical and energy efficient task lighting solution.  Commonly you will find LED Strip Lighting to the bottom rear side of a kitchen overhead cabinet, highlighting our clients feature splashbacks which is a very affective feature lighting idea.

LED Strip LightingLED Strip Lighting With Tiled Splashbacks

With tiled splashbacks making a strong return to the kitchen renovation market you do need to be careful.  A lot of new feature tiles do not have a smooth surface and by lighting directly over the face of this type of tile any imperfections will be highlighted, especially the corners.   Williams Cabinets have found another great solution is to mount the LED Strip Lighting either mid-way or even to the front edge of the overhead cabinet which still gives a great Feature Lighting effect but more importantly works great as task lighting over your new benchtops.  This design option may not highlight the entire splashback detail but this is not always necessary with the incredible range and design features available in splashbacks today.

LED Strip Lighting 3LED Strip Lighting Inside Cabinets

The other area we see LED Strip Lighting being used in our kitchen renovations are the inside of your cabinets.  With a range of LED Strip Lighting colours and switch types it is very easy and practical to have your kitchen drawer, pantry or corner cabinets light up using door or motion activated switches, we even have access to wardrobe hanging rails with built in LED Strip Lighting.

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