Thermo Formed DoorsWhat Are Thermo Formed Doors ?

Thermo Formed Doors, sometimes known as Vinyl Wrap Doors is a process where a plastic sheet (film) is heated to a pliable forming temperature, then formed to a substrate moulded to the shape of your choice.

Advantages of Thermo Formed Doors

The advantages of Thermo Formed Doors are the vast array of colours and finishes available, from a Textured finish, Satin or Matt finish or Gloss in solid colours, woodgrain patterns and finishes to designer style prints.  You then have the option of flat faced doors for a clean sleek modern look or routed doors for a more traditional look, and all of these doors feature the Thermo Formed moulded finish eliminating the need of edgetape to your door.

Designing With Thermo Formed Doors

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing  your new Thermo Formed kitchen.  It is the practise of some kitchen renovators to only use the Thermo Formed product for the door and drawer fronts only, finding another alternative material like melamine for your panel components.  The issue in this style of construction is a melamine board finish will always look and feel different to the vinyl film and will also need to have edgetap applied, again being a different look and feel to both the Thermo Formed door and melamine panel.  Certain Thermo Formed manufacturers have even taken this design further by offering a wrap around panel, eliminating a white melamine back that you can see on certain panels.  Be sure to ask your kitchen company to see this option and the advantages of this type of construction.

The other important point when designing a Thermo Formed kitchen is around your oven, hotplate and generally any other appliance that lets off alot of heat or steam.  Thermo Formed doors are prone to shrink and peel when exposed to extreme heat and steam.  This is something that can be overcome by using a reputable Thermo Formed manufacturer and following a few simple design and installation rules.

Manufacturer of Thermo Formed Doors

Williams Cabinets preferred choice of manufacturers is Albedor Industries.  Locally manufactured in Victoria, Albedor Industries is an Australian family business which have been operating since 1979.  Albedors success in the industry is due to there simple philosophy, never compromise on quality and style.  Albedor Industries Pty Ltd warrants that their product is substantially free from defects for a period of 7 years.  For more information of the available product from Albedor Industries please go to there website by clicking on their logo below or you can visit their showroom at 7 Research Drive, Croydon South.