Understanding Your Needs

Kitchens come in many shapes, sizes and styles. When renovating a kitchen the most important thing is creating custom kitchen designs that works for you. After all, you'll be the one using it, living in it, creating in it! Perfect Custom Kitchen Designs are not something that can generally be conceived in a 30 minute site meeting. It requires an understanding of the space, the people who use it, and the lifestyle it will be used to support. A kitchen designer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Although some kitchens may have some limitations, space for example, a great kitchen can still be created with careful thought and planning. There are so many cabinet and accessory options available these days to make the most of any space.  


A good Kitchen Design will fit into your lifestyle. Do you eat out a lot? Do you entertain or are you a budding master chef? No matter what your lifestyle, your kitchen can be made to suit.


From the outset it is important for you and your designer to have an understanding of the appliances you will need. For example:

  • How you use them
  • Who will use them
  • How often they will be used, etc.


And then of course, there is storage. Your designer will need to understand your needs so that they can design and integrate a storage system that will meet those requirements.


Style is a personal thing. A designer will have a knowledge of the options that are available, and will be able to offer you variations based on your individual style. Of course they need to get a feel for that style first.

Custom Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is usually a central point in a home. More often than not it is the heart of the home. A Custom Kitchen Design will not only give you the space and function that you require but can be tailor made to suit your lifestyle and your decor. The end result is a functional space that is fully integrated into your home. 

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An Example

A great example of a Custom Kitchen Design, made to suit the client's wishes is this Kitchen Renovation (pictured above) by Jenefer Macleod of eat.bathe.live.

Jenefer's Middle Park clients wanted to integrate their beautiful heritage iron stove into their new kitchen and dining space. Jenefer came up with the beautiful design to to frame their feature piece between their new kitchen cabinets and dining room cabinets.  

To see more of Jenefer's beautiful design work please click on the link below.