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A recent kitchen renovation at Olinda in Melbourne has us thinking Modern Country Kitchen Designs. The renovation was project managed by Williams Cabinets. The kitchen was designed by Susan Cleveland of Susan Cleveland Design.

The Classic Country Kitchen Design

When it comes to country kitchens, most people probably tend to think wood panelled walls and cabinet fronts. There's a big country style island bench or rustic farmhouse style table. There's probably a hanging pot rack. Ceramic containers are being used for storing kitchen utensils. The result is a work area that has a certain cluttered feel. Natural light is often in short supply giving the area a slightly dull or dark feel.

Today's modern kitchens tend to be the exact opposite of this. They have clean, uncluttered lines. Colours are generally light. There's also plenty of natural light. Appliances are often integrated. Everything has its place, usually out of view.

So, can a contemporary kitchen design and a classic country kitchen design co-exist?

Modern Country Kitchen Designs

We believe they can! When it comes to Modern Country Kitchens this design is hard to top. The beautiful clean modern lines are a perfect juxtaposition for the classic country kitchen elements. Elements like the barn door, farmhouse sink, shaker profile doors and drawers.

The central island bench, while a contemporary feature, is a nod to the classic farmhouse table. You can't get more farmhouse than the barn door entry to the butler's pantry. This beautiful door is a major feature. It was purpose built using a Centor A6 sliding door system, powder coated black. The black rangehood and upright stove add drama while maintaining the farmhouse feel.

The light colours, clean lines, stainless steel and uncluttered work spaces mark this kitchen firmly as modern design. The butler's pantry is a purely modern element to this kitchen. There wouldn't be too many traditional country kitchens that boast a butler's pantry.

A beautiful harmonious blend of old and new!

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Modern Country Kitchen Designs | Melbourne | Williams Cabinets

Another example of a modern kitchen design that incorporates elements of the classic country kitchen, is this renovation in Middle Park, Melbourne.

The design is by Jenefer MacLeod of eat.bathe.live. features the client's beloved historic cast iron stove. The cabinetry by Williams Cabinets also incorporates a farmhouse sink and shaker profile doors and drawers.

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