Kitchen Renovation MelbourneWilliams Cabinets are Kitchen Renovation Project Management Specialists.

Williams Cabinets was delighted to be asked to provide a design and kitchen project management for this 8th floor apartment in St. Kilda Road, Melbourne.  The owners have downsized to an apartment and making that wonderful choice to live both overseas and Melbourne at certain times of the year wanted clean lines, integration and no fuss!

The apartment had all the attributes of a St. Kilda Road property, concrete slab floors, high rise access and an existing bulkhead that carried important services such as ducting and piping for the property above.

Apartments are not traditionally for the faint hearted, careful negotiation of how you project manage the property and its surrounds is necessary for a project of this nature to be successful.

Communication is the key! Williams Cabinets has many years of experience in projects of this nature. Things to consider is how your old kitchen is removed, how the lifts are protected and respect to your neighbours in this environment.  Your limitations on moving services such as water is highly important where services travel through the entire building!

How the cabinetry and trades will transport the new kitchen and services and install for a great result to all. In terms of the design, our designer cleverly encompassed the bulkhead as part of the structure of the kitchen and the end result is a striking design feature. One would think they were both designed specifically together for the sole purpose of a feature.

By cutting the glass splashback around the wall and into the stove top area, provides a great backdrop and influence to the Two Pack Polyurethane Kitchen in Dulux Natural White. The glass splashback is in Dulux Teahouse. These are the small things a detailed designer will pick up to
provide your kitchen with that extra to encompass a well fitted out custom design.