Appliances For Your Kitchen Renovation – A Handy Tip!

Appliances For Your Kitchen Renovation - A Handy Tip! | Williams Cabinets

Research Your Kitchen Appliances First!

We've written a bit recently about planning a kitchen renovation. We've given you a checklist, packed full of good advice, to help get you started. So, to continue that theme, let's talk about choosing appliances for your kitchen renovation. When to choose them and when to buy them.

Your choice of kitchen appliances will have an impact on your budget, and the layout of your kitchen. So, here's the big tip: research your appliances early, but don't buy them!

This is one of those scenarios where form and function go hand in hand. Each impacts the other, so consider each before making the final purchase.

First up, list all the appliances you want in your renovation. Be specific. If you want a double sink, write it down. Do you want integrated appliances; fridge, dishwasher, etc.

Now, with list in hand, it's time to go shopping. Window shopping!

We recommend a research expedition before buying. We suggest this for a few reasons:

  1. It's one thing to see a beautiful appliance in a magazine, and quite another to get up close. Open the oven, mentally pack that dishwasher - how does it feel?
  2. The appliances you buy will impact your design, and vice versa. Having your appliances sorted before meeting with a designer will make a big difference. They will design with them in mind. They can also make suggestions you hadn't considered.
  3. You may need to compromise. You may decide during the design process that another consideration is more important. You may need to compromise on the type or size of an appliance.

Once you've made design decision, you can buy your appliances with confidence.

Ok, let's look at some examples:

  1. You've chosen an integrated dishwasher. During the design process you realise you have your heart set on a bevel and rail door style. This impacts your choice of dishwasher. Generally we recommend a semi integrated dishwasher in this case.
  2. You want your fridge/freezer and wall oven on the same wall. Both of the appliances you've chosen are quite wide. During the design meeting you've made some changes and this configuration doesn't quite fit. So, one of these needs to be a narrower option.
  3. You're set on a caesarstone splashback. You've also chosen a gas cooktop. Gas and Fuel regulations mean that you now have to make a decision:
    1. Change your splashback option,
    2. Modify the depth of your benchtop to meet regulations, or
    3. Choose an electric cooktop.

These are just a few examples to highlight how design choices and appliances go hand in hand. So, to reiterate:

Window shop, design, repeat, decide, then buy!