The Humble Kitchen Sink

The Humble Kitchen Sink.

The humble kitchen sink has come a long way from the stainless steel double tub (if you were lucky) that adorned the average kitchen in days gone by.

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but it wouldn't be a kitchen without a sink! From food preparation to after dinner cleanup, the humble sink is a the centre of it all. It can be functional, it can be a bold statement, a work of art, or an elegant centrepiece. It can of course be all these things.

There are so many styles of sink available today, so, we thought we'd put a little kitchen sink inspiration together for you in the form of a Houzz gallery.

It's a little bit of fun, and it's certainly not all to our taste, but it serves to show that there's a sink for every one! Enjoy!

(Note: These projects have not been completed by Williams Cabinets, and we don't know the source of these sinks. This gallery is purely for inspiration!)