Christmas 2019, Kitchen 2020


Planning Your 2020 Kitchen

Every year Christmas sneaks up on us and suddenly we are asking ourselves, "Where did the year go?!"

Well, here we are again! So, let's talk about planning for your Christmas kitchen 2020! Simply put, unless you are already in the process of installing a kitchen right now, you are not getting a kitchen for Christmas this year! Sorry!

The simple truth is that it takes time to get a kitchen in place. It takes planning, it takes coordination and systems.

Now is a great time to start that planning. It's like the old proverb says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Step one, make the decision to do it!

One upside of planning now is that the post Christmas sales present an opportunity to get some bargains on appliances for your kitchen. That process will be a lot easier if you already know what you want, and have thought about how it will all tie in with your kitchen design.

So start now. Move from dreaming to doing... and get that kitchen scheduled in for next year! 

A perfect place to start is a consultation to talk through your ideas. Call the team at Williams Cabinets to arrange a time to get your new kitchen underway!