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Communication & Availability During a Kitchen Renovation

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Communication and Availability

We've talked before about the benefits of having someone project manage your kitchen renovation. The importance of scheduling and managing trades, etc... making sure things happen in the right order and to spec. And, we've talked about being organised and about planning in advance things like appliances, etc. Today though, we'd like to focus on two other critical factors that have a huge bearing on the process of renovating; communication and availability.

Lines of Communication, Being Available and Site Availability

It seems obvious that being able to communicate with your chosen kitchen renovation company is important, and it is. You want to be able to make your needs and desires clear, and be heard and understood. So, yes, in choosing the right company for you, communication is going to be a key factor.

But communication is a two way street. Not only do you need to be able to communicate with your kitchen renovation team, they need to be able communicate with you. This is particularly important in the midst of a renovation. Things happen, and decisions need to be made. Sometimes this can have an impact on the schedule and decisions need to be made quickly so as not to create delays. And delays can have a domino effect.

This is where lines of communication and availability are important.

In a perfect world you would be onsite and this would be easy. Of course, things don't always work out that way. You have a life, you work, etc. So, availability in this context means being accessible. There needs to be a way the project manager can contact you and have responses in reasonably quick time. For example, if the project manager leaves a message about an issue in the morning, and there's no response by late afternoon this could mean a decision to do something the next day could be delayed. So, if you're planning to renovate it's a good idea to be as available as possible.

If you can't be home, there also needs to be site access. In many cases, say for delivery of benchtops for example, it may not be possible to give an exact time access is required, So, there needs to be a way the team can get site access. A lockbox is a good way to achieve this, or a neighbour, friend, or family member that's going to be there. This is key if you don't want to add delays and frustration to the project.

So, in short, choose a team you can communicate with, and be available wherever possible or have backup plans.