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Kitchen renovations in small inner city apartments are often more challenging than large suburban kitchens for a number of reasons. And, for this reason alone it is a good idea to consider engaging an experienced designer and renovation team. Look for a team with a prior history of inner city kitchen designs, before you begin.

Inner City Kitchen Designs

Apartment Kitchens may be small, but this is all the more reason to have an experienced designer involved in the process from the start. When working in small spaces every inch has to be considered to ensure the final result is functional and maximises every opportunity the space allows. This includes:

  • Choice of appliances
  • Storage; drawers, cupboards, pantry, etc
  • Finished and colours
  • Types of surfaces

In small spaces the surface finish and colours can have a major impact on the final result. Clever colour choices and finishes can make a space feel larger than it is.

Well planned storage spaces will ensure that everything has its place and the work area remains uncluttered.

A designer will see your space with fresh eyes, and will often have ideas you had never considered. The inner city kitchen renovation featured below is a great example of this. The original space had a wall that separated the kitchen and living spaces. By removing this wall the whole area instantly became more usable with a fresh open feel.

This is how the area used to look: 

This is the kitchen after design and renovation

Renovation Project Management

While an apartment kitchen may be small, the process of renovation can be quite complex. Apartment renovations often come with considerations that don't apply in other circumstances. For example:

  • Noise restrictions
  • Time restrictions, or allowable work hours
  • Site access issues, eg lift availability
  • Access to services, eg plumbing, electrical
  • Fire safety and services

Engaging an experience kitchen renovation team that can project manage the process for you can save you time and frustration. With a team that understands this type of renovation you avoid unexpected surprises.

A project manager with experience in apartment kitchen renovations will be able to coordinate with the body corporate or building manager to ensure everything is in place for a hassle free renovation.

Implementing Inner City Kitchen Designs

So, before you begin, give some serious consideration to working with a team that has the experience to bring your project to fruition and make the most of the space you live in.