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Kitchen Renovation Deadlines are Looming for 2016.

Christmas is fast approaching, and so too are kitchen renovation deadlines for 2016!

Is there time to renovate before Christmas?

The family is coming for Christmas. Sounds like fun! You've been planning a new kitchen for some time, and you're ready to push the go button. The questions is, have you left your run too late?

At the time of writing this article, there is only 127 days until Christmas!

Plenty of time, right? Well...

You're cutting it fine!

Kitchen renovations are a significant undertaking. There are many trades and suppliers involved, and this means careful planning. So, depending on your finishes, you may be cutting it a little too fine! Kitchen renovation deadlines are looming for 2016.

Finishes such as glass and stone, for example, add extra time to a renovation. This is because there is a sequence to events that must be followed. Just as there is order to preparing and baking gingerbread, so too, there is order to renovating.

For example:

  • Stone benchtops measurements must come after the kitchen installation. This ensures the measurements are accurate. Otherwise there is a risk of undersizing or oversizing the stone. Either way, both result is more cost and further delays
  • Glass measurements must come after the stone installation, for exactly the same reason. Once the glass is cut, it cannot be trimmed.

Stone takes 5 to 10 days to be delivered and installed. Glass requires 10 to 15 days. So this alone accounts for 25 of 127 days available.

Of course, every other component of the renovation also requires some of those remaining 100 or so days.

Kitchen Renovation Deadlines | Melbourne | Williams Cabinets

Workflow, Schedules and Project Commitments

Another consideration is when your project can actually begin. At any given point, all kitchen renovation companies have many projects underway. Your project will need to slot into the schedule. The sales process, design, manufacture, installation... it all takes time! 

To ensure everything happens in sequence, on time, and with uncompromising quality, we plan our process carefully. We don't cut corners or squeeze in renovations. Every kitchen renovation gets the care and quality approach it deserves. All elements of the renovation are scheduled well in advance, culminating in the installation of the kitchen.

Currently, the Williams Cabinets installation team is at full capacity until the end of October. This means the earliest we can install a kitchen is November. So, if you're planning a kitchen renovation that includes glass and stone, this will bring you very close to Christmas.

Even if you're not planning a Christmas kitchen, it pays to understand that the process takes time.

Bottom line though, if you are looking to get your kitchen completed by Christmas, act now!