Kitchen Renovation in Progress - Richmond

Kitchen Renovation in Progress | Richmond | Melbourne | Williams Cabinets

Installing a Kitchen - A Work in Progress

We admire the art of the great painters in galleries across the world. We stand back in awe and wonder at the finished masterpieces. Of course, they were once works in progress.

Ok, so we aren't comparing our kitchens to the work of the masters, but in a similar way a kitchen renovation is a process that is a little messy at times along the way. Just like the masters in their studios, work has to be done to create the end result. Trades are hard at work, tools are being used, things are incomplete, etc. But nonetheless, even in the midst of a project you can begin to see the potential that is being slowly revealed as new replaces old and things come together.

It's not as random as it looks either. It's a well thought out plan that is executed in a methodical manner. There are lots of moving pieces that need to be coordinated in a systematic process toward the finale!

So, here we are, mid process. This kitchen renovation in Richmond, Melbourne, is well on the way to being the dream space the owners have envisioned; their private masterpiece!

Project Features:
  1. Satin polyurethane doors with feature ‘V’ groove on the island
  2. Integrated fridge, underbench freezer & dishwasher
  3. Corian benchtops & splashbacks
  4. Feature Corian waterfall ends and servery benchtop through to outside courtyard
  5. Feature lighting

We look forward to sharing the finished kitchen with you!