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To ensure you get the most out of your kitchen renovation, a little prior planning goes a long way! We've put together some kitchen renovation planning tips to help you get going. Whether you plan to engage a kitchen renovation company, or do it yourself, these tips will help.

Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

What do you need?

Before you rush headlong into designing a kitchen layout, take a breath. It can be intoxicating window shopping for those beautiful new kitchen appliances. But, first things first.  Ask yourself, what do I definitely need? What is it I want from my kitchen? How will I be using it? Do I cook alone, or is it a family affair?

Start by writing a list of items you must have, would like to have but are flexible on, and dream items. Your list will have 3 columns: Must Have, Good To Have, Nice To Have.

For example, if you cook as a family, a large workspace might be a high priority - so it would go in column 1, a must have!

Maybe you're an entertainer, so having a butler's pantry might be an attractive option. Still, for you it's not the end of the world if you can't achieve it - so it would go in column 2, a good to have.

You get the picture.


Have a look at your current space. Is it enough, or do you need more? Do you need less?

Think outside the square. Are you open to moving your kitchen, or removing a wall to achieve the space you need?

This is where a kitchen renovation company can bring great value to the table. (excuse the pun!)


Having a budget to work with will help when it comes to deciding your final outcome. If your budget is tight, those solid gold taps might just need to wait. (They were in column 3, right?)

Having a budget range is more realistic than a fixed, rigid budget. Give yourself a range so you can move some of those good to have items into the project if you can.

Who do you need?

Even if you plan on doing the renovation yourself you will still need some professional help.

Make a list of the trades you will need to complete your project. Some examples are:

  • Cabinet Maker
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Tiler
  • Floor Coverer
  • Plasterer
  • Painter

You will need to coordinate these trades to ensure your project in completed on time. Plan for delays and schedule changes.

An experienced kitchen renovation team can make a huge impact in this area. They can project manage the process for you, making sure your project runs to time. They also oversee the quality of the project, and usually have a team of trusted trades they work with.


Once again, whether you plan to work with a kitchen designer, or go solo, you need to start thinking about style. What type of kitchen look appeals to your taste? Is contemporary or country your thing?

Create a scrapbook, or mood board, of ideas you collect. This will help get your style ideas together in one place. If you're working with a designer, they will be able to take your ideas and add to them from their own experience.

Make sure you explain why you like something, not just that you like it. For example, I like these taps because they're easy to open, etc.

Whether you have firm ideas about what you want, or are just looking for inspiration, this is a great start!

Fixtures & Finishes

Do you have preferences about fixtures and finishes? Make sure you add them to your list in the appropriate column. Your budget may determine whether these are achievable or not, but note them down.

Once again a kitchen designer will bring a wealth of knowledge to the table in this area. They will be able to take your ideas and provide alternatives to help you achieve your desired result.


This is an area you will have to do your homework. A renovator or designer may be able to make suggestions, but this is your call. In the end, you will need to determine the right appliances for you.

Go window shopping, either online or in store. Ask lots of question.  Make sure you are getting the information you need before buying. Add any images to your design scrapbook.

By now you're getting pretty good at writing  lists. So, here's another one you can start. For each appliance find several options that appeal to you, in different price ranges. Rate them in order of preference. You may need to compromise if budget gets tight. Knowing your next best option will help if that should happen.


Give some thought to the type of flooring you are looking for. Are you a fan of tiles, polished concrete, timber, etc. Once again add any pictures to your scrapbook for future reference. Look for options within the flooring you prefer. This will need to considered in your budget, so having options is always a great idea.

The type of flooring you choose can also impact the scheduling of your project. Make sure you are aware of how each flooring works, and what is involved.

Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Kitchen renovations vary, as do the requirements of each project. Your project may need all, or some, of these considerations. Your projects may have complexities well beyond the scope of these tips. Either way, they make a good starting point.

It's your kitchen. It's your lifestyle. Whether you use a renovation company, or go it alone, we hope you love the end result. May your new kitchen bring you many years of joy!