Kitchen Renovation Project Management

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Kitchen Renovation Project Management: Worth Considering!

There's more to kitchen renovations than choosing a benchtop and appliances. In the course of any kitchen renovation there are many pieces of the puzzle that need to fit.

All kitchen renovations are different. That said, they all have one thing in common; the need to co-ordinate trades and suppliers. It's like a domino effect; one thing gets delayed and everything gets pushed out.

That doesn't sound like a big deal at first. If there's a delays it's just a matter of pushing everyone back a day or two right? Not so!

Quite often when you push back a trade you may find you go to the back of the queue. For example, the electrician may not be able to fit you in on Thursday, because he already has a job booked in. You may need to wait a week or two until he can reschedule. That has a compounding effect, impacting other scheduled jobs.

An inexperienced renovator can overlook things that have major impacts on time lines. A small oversight can result in large delays, and unexpected costs.

An experienced kitchen renovation team has a process that mitigates these types of issues. They also have long standing relationships with suppliers and trades. That helps when things get tight.

Kitchen renovation project management is one of our core strengths. Years of experience managing kitchen renovations has resulted in a refined process. We plan for everything and coordinate all the trades accordingly.

From the beginning of the build, through to final installation, we cover every detail.

So, when planning your kitchen renovation, remember the time and financial impact delays have. A spreadsheet of tasks, like the one below, is one of the tools we use to manage the process.

Consider engaging a kitchen renovation project management team to assist. It may just save you in the long run!