Kitchen Renovation Project Management

Self Managed vs Project Managed

You're renovating your kitchen. Your budget is under pressure, and you're trying to save some money. So, you're considering managing the process yourself. The question is, will it actually save you money. Is it actually worth it?

Reality TV is not Reality.

There are any number of TV shows featuring amateur renovators creating showcase renovations. It's easy to see why people might think it's easy, that anyone can do it.

But it's what you don't see that matters. The devil, as they say, is in the detail. TV shows are about entertainment and drama. The sixty or so minutes of footage that actually makes it to air is heavily edited. It's also completely biased towards what the producers want you to see.

Let's be real. There's a small army behind the scenes making things happen that you never see. Site supervisors, builders, suppliers, contractors, architects, designers, etc. If they don't add to the drama, they're not seen. You didn't think a couple of people actually did it all on their own did you?

You don't want drama when renovating! You want results, on time and on budget.

Real Life

In real life, managing a renovation is a complex task. It requires the coordination of many elements and competing schedules. There are suppliers and trades you need to schedule and keep on track. Unexpected surprises may appear that can throw things into chaos. This is particularly true for the inexperienced. In short, stuff happens.

Knowing how to deal with it and who to turn to can make all the difference. Delays can be like a domino. The unexpected has a knock on effect that can mean time and money.

Self Managed

The upside to managing a project yourself is that it may save you money. Of course the downside is that mistakes made through inexperience can cost you money and time. A delay of one day on one element can lead to a project delay of weeks, or even months.

The owner, self managing a project, is usually limited to a single contact for each trade. There is one electrician, one plumber, etc. If something happens it takes time to organise a replacement. That can cost big time!

Another aspect of self managing a project is stress. Things have a habit of piling up. It's a lot to handle.

What if something goes wrong, someone makes a mistake? Example: your electrician cuts a hole in the wrong place in a cabinet. Who pays for the replacement? Who fixes it? What's the delay? Who's liable, and how do you enforce it?

Sometimes trying to save money can cost you more than you stand to save. 

Project Management

Ok, let's get the downside on the table. It costs more. That said, it's an investment we believe is worth every cent.

The experienced kitchen renovation company has a team of contractors. They have backup options and alternative trades to call on. They are skilled at producing renovations on time and on budget.

And what if something goes wrong. Like we've said, stuff happens! Well, if it's their fault, it's their problem.

Having someone project manage your renovation is an investment in results. It's an insurance policy against delays and unexpected costs. It's buffer against unwanted stress and pressure.

Registered Builders

Williams Cabinets are registered builders. This means that our renovations are covered by the required builders warranty insurance. It's important to bear in mind though that this warranty only covers the elements we provide. So, where we project manage a renovation, all those elements are covered. If we only provide cabinetry, for example, only that is covered.

In Victoria, builders warranty insurance is required for projects over a certain value. It's not just a nice to have, it's law! You can read more here.

This is yet another consideration to take into account when weighing up the pros and cons of self managing a renovation.


So yes, it may appear to cost more at first glance to have a kitchen company manage the entire project. But how do you put a price on peace of mind?