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Kitchen Renovations - Working With Limitations

Kitchen Renovation Eltham North | After | Melbourne | Williams Cabinets

Kitchen Before Renovation

Location: Eltham North

Every kitchen renovation has its challenges. It would be ideal of course if every renovation began with an open space with no limitations. We can dream I guess... but now, back to the real world.

Brief / Challenges

This kitchen definitely had some limitations to work with and challenges to overcome, but we love a challenge!


We had to keep the exisiting footprint and work within that space. The refrigerator and dishwasher needed to remain in the exisiting positions a well.


The existing floor was to stay, as it was throughout the entire house and too much to remove and replace.


The microwave location was a huge annoyance to the owner. It's a left hand hinge, as most are, and this meant they had to lean around the microwave door to gain access. This is not only difficult, but as it required leaning over the benchtop, it was also dangerous.


Storage was limited in the existing kitchen and was very much a requirement for our client. As the existing floor was remaining, this was a challenge that we needed to address.

Kitchen After Renovation

Doors – Polytec Blossom White Mealmine
Benchtops – Caesarstone Cosmopolitan White
Splashbacks – Toughened Glass in ‘Cradle’
Handles – Titus Tekform

The pantry is now where the microwave cavity was. As this created floor space that wasn't there originally we needed to patch the floor. While the new tiles don't match the existing, they are only visible when the pantry door is open.

The cavity sliding door is perfect for our client, as she loves cooking and likes to leave the pantry door open while doing so for easy access. A hinged door would impede on the floor space and create an obstacle.

The microwave has been repositioned to give direct access without leaning over a benchtop! Both safer and more practical!

A tall shallow cabinet has been added on the left hand side of the fridge whch adds much needed storage space without taking floor space from the kitchen. It has the added benefit of making the fridge feel more built in to the space. On the inside of the cabinet we added full height adjustable shelf holes rather than our standard 5 per shelf to give the client more flexibility.

The finished kitchen provides a functional space that works within the confines of the existing footprint, without compromising on features or quality!