Let There Be Light!

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Creating Light In Your Kitchen

The effect of light on a space can't be underestimated. No matter the colour choices, finishes, type of benchtop, splashback, fittings etc, without adequate light a room will look dull. Lighting can come from either man made lighting or natural light sources. Here's a few ideas from adding additional natural lighting to your kitchen renovation.

Maximise Windows

Sounds obvious, but making sure windows are a consideration when planning a kitchen is a great place to start. Window size and placement can make a huge difference to the amount of light that enters a room. While a window with a view is always a  pleasing thing, windows can also be added with the sole purpose of adding light to a room. Consider the following image as an example of windows without a view bringing light into a room.

Of course, adding windows may involve structural changes, council permits and builders, etc, so be mindful of this. You may need to consider other options for existing spaces, eg skylights. (see below)

Kitchen Light | Kitchen Renovations Melbourne | Williams Cabinets


Skylights are a fantastic way to bring light into a room, particularly in cases where there is limited, or no window lighting, or the aspect is such that only minimal natural light is available. Even when there is ample window lighting, a skylight brings a feeling of additional space to a room as an added benefit.

Kitchen Light | Kitchen Renovations Melbourne | Williams Cabinets


A window splashback is another great way to add light with the added benefit of creating additional views to the outside world. Be aware that this may also require permits, builders, etc to achieve.

Kitchen Light | Kitchen Renovations Melbourne | Williams Cabinets


The choice of finishes and other features such as mirrored surfaces, eg spashbacks, are another way to maximise light in a space. A gloss finish is more reflective and therefore spreads light as opposed to matt surfaces that absorb light. Mirror splashbacks also give the illusion of additional space, and if reflecting windows give the effect of another window in the room.

Here's a few samples of kitchens that have maximised the available light sources through various means. Let there be light!