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Why Choose Us To Do Your Kitchen Renovation?

The question, what sets us apart from other kitchen renovation companies, is a central one to our business. We know that there is a lot of competition in the marketplace. We also know that people want the best value for money when renovating their kitchen. We also know it's a big investment, both emotionally and financially for our customers. So, when looking at what we offer as a kitchen design and renovation business, we begin with the question; why would we choose us?

Quality Kitchens

At the heart of this business is a passion for quality. No detail left out, and no corners cut! Both our build and all the hardware used are top quality. Of course, we aren't the only kitchen company with a quality product, but we think we take it a step further than most. It's the little details that matter, like the after sales service and follow up.

Registered Builders

We are Registered Builders, which is a required by law. You can read more about why this matters here. If your project is more than $5000 you should ensure you are dealing with a registered builder.

Experience and Knowledge

We have many years of experience and a depth of knowledge of all areas of the industry. For years we quietly provided the expertise behind some of the biggest names in the industry before going direct to consumer.


Value is different for everyone. Some people see it as pure bottom line cost, others look for a product that lasts, others see it as expectations met and exceeded. For us, it's about making sure that no detail is overlooked, that our customers are not just happy, but thrilled with the results. Once again, it's the finer details that make the difference. We only use the best materials available for each project, within the available budget.


We are accessible to our customers, and attentive to their needs. Every step of the way there is communication. It can be overwhelming when renovating, so we are always communicating throughout the process.

Project Management

If we are project managing the renovation then communication is even more critical, as we need to schedule trades as well as coordinate with the customer. We believe this is an area we excel in, bringing huge value to the customer. Our scheduling process is thorough and constantly reviewed throughout the renovation. This removes a massive amount of stress from the customer, as scheduling trades can be tricky if you don't have understanding of the process, and have a great relationship in place.

Customer Service

Every step of the way we are focussed on customer service. That doesn't end at installation though. An example of this is our follow up at the completion of the renovation. At the place where most companies say goodbye, we say hello with a care pack. In this you will get:

  • All applicable insurance documents
  • Care and Maintenance Information for all relevant materials, eg doors, benchtops, etc.
  • Registration of your stone benchtop warranty on your behalf
  • Any applicable trade certificates of compliance

We understand that it can be difficult when faced with a choice of kitchen companies. We are truly honoured when we are chosen to fulfil the clients's dream, and we never take that lightly. That's our difference!